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A few reasons why I'm a good UX Professional

1 I’m a scientist

I start by asking questions and then I follow a scientific methodology to research users and test designs so I’m confident in the answers.

2 I understand business

As designers we are not creating things for our own ego. We are matching user needs with business objectives.

3 I'm an experience strategist

It's as much about the right process and long term customer vision as the design and research execution.

4 I'm a bit of a purist

When it comes to UX its all about evangelising a UCD process.

5 I’m intrigued by psychology

I have a particular interest in how we can make product more persuasive.

6 I’m not really much of a computer geek

I'm more concerned with things that everyday users care about.

7 I love designing information

I have an anlytical mindset and thrirve in organising information logically.

8 I’m a pretty decent visual designer and front end developer

I communicate well with creatives and coders. I can contribute to the final product.

9 I have a Masters degree in what I do

I spent a dedicated year of my life studying user centred design so I have theory to back my commercial experience.

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What can I offer?

I am as much about the process as the execution. Highly capable of leading UX projects, crafting the ideal process, and collaborating with clients and internal stakeholders.

User Research

Insight into user needs and behaviour. Evaluation into product usability.

Usability Testing

Planning, moderation and evaluation of task based user testing studies to provide rich insight into usability of websites and other digital products.

Web Analytics

Analysis of web visitor trends on a range of analytics platforms, including conversion funnel and landing page reviews.


One-on-one interview sessions with target users, to gain insight into needs and behaviour, informing user profile development.

Focus Groups

Facilitating and analysis of group based sessions to elicit attitudes and believes around specific products or ideas.

Card Sorting

Open and closed card sorting to gain insight into user mental models of relationships and naming conventions.

Tree Testing

Simple tree based testing with real users to validate existing or proposed taxonomies.


Planning, distribution and analysis of questionnaire surveys, to gain insight into user demographics, needs and behaviour.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Statistical validation of page variations on high traffic websites, through A/B or Multivariate Testing.

UX Design

Scoping, definition and optimisation. Device agnostic conversion led design that works for people.

User Profiling

Development of personas and visitor task roles from real user data to inform content strategy and focus product design

User Journeys

Formulation of efficient and accurate user journey models through task analysis to evaluate and optimise structure and flow of a system.

Taxonomies / IA

Formulation of logical and well labelled, hierarchical or multi-faceted, information architectures, backed by evidence on user mental models.

Functional Specs

Development of functional requirements specification documentation in waterfall type projects. Development of user stories and acceptance criteria in Agile projects.


Low to mid fidelity annotated page schematics to map out page or system state content and layout.

Prototypes / IxD

Iterative development of functioning prototypes in Axure or HTML, suitable for user testing page structure and workflows.

Visual Design

Design of full fidelity visual mock-ups, working with responsive grid structures, typography, colours, icons and imagery to create usable and emotionally engaging final presentation of products.

Conversion Optimisation

Planning and delivery of conversion rate optimisation strategies working from an understanding of human psychology and user evidence to formulate persuasive solutions.

I’m also pretty handy with front end web development, using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This helps me build prototypes, contribute to the final product and communicate with coders well.

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