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Approach to UX

User Centred Design

The user’s needs comes first. I believe In order to create the most optimal design you must involve the user in the design process. Expert reviews are a poor substitute.

Flexible UX Process

Every project is different. I will adapt my UX process to suit specific budgets and business constraints.

Always be user testing

User testing isn’t design by committee. It is about observing natural behaviours, learning and iterating. Budgets constrain UX, but some user testing is always better than none.

The right recipe

Creating brilliant digital experiences is about the right combination of content, information architecture, visual design and interaction design.

Match user & business goals

Our job as UX designers is largely about making things easier and more engaging for people so digital business strategies succeed.

Never fall in love

Your work is only as good as the success to your users and clients it brings. Always be prepared to scrap and replace anything when evidence weighs against.

My experience

Academically Trained

I dedicated a year studying Human Computer Interaction at Masters Level where I developed my interest in UX and user centred design methodologies at the Uni of Sussex.

Proven commercial successs

I have led a wide range of research and design projects in sectors such as retail, finance, pharmaceutical with a combination of intent: e-commerce, lead generation, customer retention and advocacy.

Market leading clients

I have worked with a variety of leading UK and Global brands including TK Maxx, M&S Bank, Pfizer, Roche, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, Accordance VAT, Kinetico, Virgin Experience Days and Posturite.

My interests

Staying healthy

I have skied most years since I was 7 years old. I swim most mornings to stay fit. I'm also a keen cook and appreciate good food

Social life

I currently live in South London. I am happiest doing things with people as my friends and colleagues will give testament to.


When I can I love to explore the world. I have been to many interesting places in Europe and Asia in my time.

What next?